Reports from the Survey on the basis of parameter : "Subject"

S.NoNameYearBranchUseful Morally?Useful Placement?Atmosphere Useful?Marital StatusOccupationPlacement YearMost Useful Subject(s)Suggestions
1Jose1985B. Tech. ProductionDo Not KnowExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in a TKM Institution
2ijasul rahim2013B. Tech. ProductionExtremely usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Started my own company/business
3Aromal A2012B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Field
4Anu P2012B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.Give them employment, not placements. Make them aware about the scope in PSU, ISRO, DRDO... Train them for that... Dont let them run behind IT Companies...
5Arun Jeevan2012B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.should plant more trees, for a pleasant atmosphere (please)
6Arun Jeevan2012B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.should plant more trees, for a pleasant atmosphere (please)
7nidal siraj2012B. Tech. CivilSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Prefer not to sayplease concentrate on job oriented section
8Jaby Mohammed1997B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulDo Not KnowMarriedResearch / PhD
9GANESH BABU2012B. Tech. CivilVery usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.
10Roshan Prakash Joseph2010B. Tech. MechanicalSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.College facilities cab be provided for students 24 hours. The atmosphere for doing group projects apart from projects will give better exposure to students. College should encourage students to go out of the campus for technical presentations, tech
11MOHAMMED ALTHAF2013B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Awaiting Results
12Athulya Shaji2012M. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldBest palce to live life..... and best teachers you could get in Life :) :)
13Rohit Pradeep Ninan2010B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.The industry is vast and still expanding. There is so much it has to offer and they need talent to look into various technical aspects. We have to invite organisations to conduct seminars and give an insight to our students about the industry. We could ta
14Rohit Pradeep Ninan2010B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.The industry is vast and still expanding. There is so much it has to offer and they need talent to look into various technical aspects. We have to invite organisations to conduct seminars and give an insight to our students about the industry. We could ta
15Neethu Mohan2009B. Tech. ElectricalExtremely usefulSomewhat usefulMarriedWorking in Non IT/Software FieldI love and like my alma mater for everything except the placements there.I work in an automotive R&D and could land up here only because of my I am really grateful to all my TKM faculty for building a strong foundation...I wish to see more TKMC
16Naseef Mohammed2012B. Tech. CivilVery usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldAcademical : give more practical based classes. Non acadm: Remove boys girls as possible :)
17MUNAVAR FAIROOZ2012B. Tech. CivilVery usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.Try to include some research program for students in every department( not PHD). It can improve their practical knowledge and produce excellent engineers for the country.
18Akhil Mohan2011B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldPrefer teachers Masters and with core experience. Wish that be a mandatory criteria. Exposure to industries should be more serious than our present one day visits. Internship system should come into syllabus. Would b easier for new comers to choose paths
19Harikrishna Rao M2012B. Tech. ChemicalExtremely usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldEncourage doing good B.Tech projects and Industrial training. ALso, encourage the participation of co- curricular activities, Technical symposiums etc.
20suby veerappallil mathew2010B. Tech. ProductionSomewhat usefulNot at all usefulPrefer Not to SayWorking in Non IT/Software Field
21Arif CP2011B. Tech. Computer ScienceVery usefulDo Not KnowPrefer Not to SayWorking in IT/Software FieldNeed to improve but dont know how to
22Noufal V V2011B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Field******
23suneer2013B. Tech. MechanicalSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulPrefer Not to SayAwaiting Results
24Pradeesh PC2004B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldI think as what I felt in 2000-2004, better no need for much changes... the required changes can be identified and implemented the new comers/ juniors themselves... i think they dont want any advice....
25anoop mohan2004B. Tech. MechanicalSomewhat usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in Non IT/Software Field
26Dheeraj Murali2012B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldLet them conduct Conjura and Wheels. It helps a lot for them in future
27Anusha B2011B. Tech. TelecommunicationSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Field1.It would be good to have technical clubs and organize small-scale events.
28Dr. Preethy Parthasarathy2005B. Tech. ElectricalVery usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Field
29test22005B. Arch.Very usefulSomewhat usefulPrefer Not to SayNot working or studyingMake TKM the best
30binoj wahab2010B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Fieldheard it all changed in tkm. the freedom is not there anymore. cut them some slack. let them study and enjoy.
31Jithin George2012B. Tech. TelecommunicationExtremely usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.
32Jithin George2012B. Tech. TelecommunicationExtremely usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.
33test2012B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulExtremely usefulMarriedStudying for M. Tech.test
34Manu V R2012B. Tech. MechanicalSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulPrefer Not to SayWorking in Non IT/Software FieldCare each and everyone with any expectation
35MANU K P2011B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulVery usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldAdd more practical sessions than classroom.
36Aseel T2004B. Tech. ElectricalVery usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in IT/Software Field
37test21960B. Tech. ProductionExtremely usefulExtremely usefulMarriedMarried my dream partner & settled downtest
38jamshad vt2012B. Tech. MechanicalSomewhat usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Fieldteachers are brilliant,they try to improve their knowledge,no that much try to transfer this knowledge to students.The reason behind the value and standard of tkmce is well basic foundationable high ranking students.i never criisize my dear teachers,but t
39Ratheesh Ramakrishnan2004B. Tech. MechanicalExtremely usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in Non IT/Software Field
40Roshan Thomas2004B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulDo Not KnowMarriedWorking in IT/Software Fieldmake classes more interactive and meaningful. To bring in people in live industry to share their expereince
41Mahadevan Balasubramanian2004B. Tech. ElectricalSomewhat usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in IT/Software FieldNot very sure.
42Jobin Kuruvilla2004B. Tech. Computer ScienceExtremely usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in IT/Software FieldInclude more scholarships for the less privileged. Having said that, TKM rocks!
43AKHIL T S2004B. Tech. ElectricalDo Not KnowNot really usefulMarriedWorking in Non IT/Software Field
44VIGIL J VIJAYAN2011B. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.I feel like the teaching strategy in campus is very very bad no concepts nothing still staff are prefering some bad IndiAN editors text Grow like many other college else students will face great failure
45Shammnadh.M2009M. Tech. MechanicalVery usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in a TKM Institution
46N Abdul Jaleel2004B. Tech. ElectricalSomewhat usefulExtremely usefulMarriedWorking in Non IT/Software FieldNeed more out-of-book, project kinda things...
48Ramon Varghese2012B. Tech. CivilSomewhat usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Studying for M. Tech.Hostels should be in the campus. Im in an nit now. here folks just get mad bout robotics or sports aftr college hours. Its the atmosphere that helps students get interested in studies! But of course,i cant forget the awesome classes that i attended there.
49rashique2013B. Tech. ChemicalDo Not KnowExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software Fieldkill some teachers who desperately try to maintain their assoholic nature... Do not misunderstand the word ragging.. They keep telling wrong things about it
50test12009B. Tech. ChemicalNot at all usefulDo Not KnowPrefer Not to SayRetiredtest
51Abdul Bari Fathah2009B. Tech. ProductionExtremely usefulExtremely usefulAre you kidding?Working in Non IT/Software FieldImprove industrlal interactions
52cewvbogc1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingmvmjdmt
53rkbdujz1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingapplsvyf
54oguahhhc1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingcgttnzan
55odyvrg1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingqkzquny
56rrnqwetp1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingbpditnjo
57osvrytr1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingembhflhw
58ftwopz1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingdzzvcel
59fnsxttf1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingducqeba
60xumcrwl1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingmadcpdg
61dkzadh1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingvcwwjcgt
62sporvifc1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingpnfqwt
63pgieaq1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingywrrut
64hjgzji1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingrfjxdbp
65klstlq1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingjtjdsx
66cwvmpqs1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingpvcuicnj
67flttizp1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingsiuakqy
68akcblrys1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyingmfqaduto
69hwjeef1989B. Tech. Computer ScienceSomewhat usefulSomewhat usefulAre you kidding?Not working or studyinglcgbbok
70Mohamed Iqbal2011M. Tech. MechanicalDo Not KnowVery usefulPrefer Not to SayAwaiting Results
71Mohamed Iqbal2011M. Tech. MechanicalDo Not KnowExtremely usefulPrefer Not to SayAwaiting Results
72Mohamed1998B. Tech. MechanicalSomewhat usefulNot at all usefulAre you kidding?Prefer not to say
73pallipurath2003B. Tech. MechanicalDo Not KnowExtremely usefulAre you kidding?njoying
74Iqbal2004B. Tech. MechanicalDo Not KnowExtremely usefulAre you kidding?njoying
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